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I am Sara Slattery and welcome to The Space Between. I support women who are looking to bring deep changes into their lives through individual, group and online work.

You may be really clear on changes you wish to make but are terrified of doing anything about it. You may hear a faint voice in your head saying that something needs to shift. Many of us are feeling exhausted, stuck or have a general feeling of ‘there must be more to this’. Motherhood is undervalued and the old model of working 9-5 isn’t working for many of us and our families. I provide support for you in all of these places and will ensure you create a plan that is doable and feels right for you.

We need to create space and time for ourselves to dream, think and be the people who we want to be, not who we ‘should’ be.

I believe that you are whole and have the answers yourself deep inside. I facilitate & support this process with care and practical knowledge to ensure you get to where you’d like to be.

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One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began...

Mary Oliver

There is something about Sara. Her warmth and supportiveness but so much more that is harder to define but that really helped me to find myself. Working with Sara has had such a positive impact on my life. It has really helped me to look at what drives me and what I am passionate about. I feel I have a completely different understanding of myself which in turn has increased my confidence in really all areas of my life. The positive change I feel for me and my family from this will be enormous and I am sure I will draw on her wisdom again in future. I am amazed at how much we managed to do in three sessions and how much of it I can use whenever there is a decision to be made or a bridge to cross. Thank you so much.
— Lisa, Dublin
I had three wonderful sessions with Sara at a time in my life when I had just set up a business, was feeling overwhelmed, felt like I was just floating along with no clear direction, and had a niggling feeling of fear lurking in the back of my mind on a regular basis. We covered so much in the sessions and I came away having achieved so much more than I went in hoping to achieve. I now know what my values are - this was something I had as a vague idea of in the back of my mind - but with Sara’s help to really focus in on what is important to me I was able to figure out my values and it is so helpful having them written down to refer back to when I need them. We also wrote up a plan for my business. I had so much floating around in my head and was feeling overwhelmed with how much I had to do but Sara broke it all down into manageable tasks and set out a timeline for everything to happen. The feeling of clarity was amazing and such a relief! We also touched on other areas of my life and Sara pushed me forward in a very gentle way to change a few things and acted as an accountability partner so that I could actually make those changes. Sara provides such a lovely, warm and welcoming environment and really ‘gets it’. She understands the fear of going out and doing something new in your life and has a wonderful way of asking the right questions and helping you come to the answers in a really caring and gentle way. I came away feeling excited and energised about what’s next for me....and with a plan!”
— Anna, Dublin